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Contact Information:
Phone: (631) 244-2215
Fax: (631) 244-2785


 School Open Drive Carefully





School hours are listed below:


 Connetquot High School

  School hours are: 7:00 AM arrival and 2:06 PM dismissal.


Middle Schools  (O.B.M.S. and R.O.M.S.)

The hours will be: 7:35 AM arrival and a 2:35 PM dismissal 


Elementary School will be as follows


Arrival: 8:25 AM & Dismissal: 2:55 PM

All Other Elementary Schools:

9:05 AM - 3:35 PM      


Delayed Opening Hours are as Follows







Rule and Regulations for Busing Students

The school district operates its own transportation system with district-owned vehicles.
The school district’s transportation policy is as follows:



A.  Unlimited busing for all K-3 students;

B.  Transportation for students in Grades 4-5 who live more than 1/2 mile from the school they legally attend;

 C. Transportation for students in Grades 6-12 who live more than 1 mile from the school they legally attend.

Students attending private or parochial schools may be transported up to a distance of fifteen (15) miles. Mileage for students is measured from their homes to the front of the schools which they attend.

Loading and Unloading

1. Students should be at their assigned bus stop AT LEAST (10) TEN MINUTES BEFORE BUS ARRIVAL TIME.  Buses do not wait for children to arrive at their stops. If there are no children waiting at a bus stop, the bus will proceed to the next stop.

2. Students must stay off the roadway until the bus makes a complete stop and the driver indicates that it is safe to board.

3. When it is necessary to cross the road to enter or leave the bus, students should wait for the driver’s signal and cross 10 feet IN FRONT of the bus.  Students should NEVER cross behind the bus. Remember, if you can not see the bus driver, then the bus driver can not see you.

4.  PARENTS or APPROVED GUARDIAN'S of kindergarten and first grade students must be AT THE BUS STOP waiting with their children in the morning,  and AT THE BUS STOP waiting for their children in the afternoon when the bus arrives.  Approved guardians MUST be listed on a Elementary Bus Stop Designee Form, if they are not, the students will be returned to their school.      

Forms may be FAXED to Transportation at: 631-244-2785         

5. Parents of special education students must have someone at home to receive their child. Latch key students must submit authorization in writing to the Transportation Office.

6. Private school students should call transportation to cancel pick up if they will be out of school for the day.


Any requests for a bus stop change for any reason must be in writing and submitted to the Transportation office for review.  ALL families assigned to the stop in question must be in full agreement before a stop change will be considered. All buses are routed to corner stops.  Buses DO NOT make house stops. Please do not ask to have a bus stop added at or near your home address.

While on the Bus

1. Students should do nothing to annoy or distract the driver, such as throwing any type of projectiles and/or making excessive noise.

2. Heads and limbs must remain inside the bus at all times.

3. Students must remain in their seats while the bus is in motion. Seats may be assigned by the driver. Kindergarten students are assigned seats in the front.

4. Students may not bring unauthorized articles, such as pets, skateboards, weapons, or combustibles on the bus.

5. Students are not allowed to smoke.

6. No food or beverages permitted.

Disciplinary Action

If a child does not conduct himself/herself properly on a bus, such instances shall be brought to the attention of the principal by the bus driver.  Children who become a serious disciplinary problem may have their privileges suspended by the Superintendent.

For details concerning conduct on school buses, see Code of Conduct policy #5300.35(B) (2).

Request for Transportation to Private or Parochial School

Requests must be received no later than April 1 for the coming school year.

Renewal requests are required each year.

Previously registered students who have not had a change of address must submit:  RENEWAL – Application for Private or Parochial Services .  See form for instructions

New residents have 30 days to apply for transportation and must submit: NEW REGISTRANTS- Application for Private or Parochial Services


 **Important information for St. Anthony’s HS students assigned to Central pickup/drop off points**


Request for Transportation to Childcare Provider

Applications must be received in the Transportation Office no later than April 1 for the coming school year. Subsequent changes must be in writing 72 hours prior to the change taking effect and are subject to routing availability. Childcare providers must be located within your child’s home school zone. Childcare Provider Form Return fax to 631 244-2785.


Request for Special Transportation

If special transportation is required, a doctor's note must be submitted to the Pupil Personnel Services Department at 1070 Smithtown Ave, Bohemia NY 11716 (entrance on Church Street). No student will be permitted on the regular bus with crutches. Please contact Pupil Personnel Services at 631 244-2215 ext. 3968.