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Oakdale-Bohemia Middle School

60 Oakdale-Bohemia Road
Oakdale, NY 11769-1395
Principal: Joseph Piombo
Assistant Principal: Danielle Black

Phone: 631-244-2268
Fax: 631-563-6167



Caught Being Kind

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School Bus Clip Art

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Nicole Fallo   Ryder Gaska   Gabriella Ortiz

Jacquelyn Torrez Tobar   Braden Zuccaro


Connetquot Students Visit with Holocaust Survivor

Marion Blumenthal Lazan speaking to students thumbnail244079
Marion Blumenthal Lazan speaking to students thumbnail244080
Marion Blumenthal Lazan standing with students and smiling at the camera thumbnail244081
Oakdale-Bohemia Middle School sixth grade students had a rare opportunity to attend a recent assembly with guest speaker, author and Holocaust survivor Marion Blumenthal Lazan. The students are currently reading her book, “Four Perfect Pebbles: A true story of the Holocaust,” about Mrs. Blumenthal Lazan’s experience in a concentration camp when she was only 9 years old.

Principal Joseph Piombo during his introduction, told the students to “consider yourselves very lucky and special. You are going to experience history firsthand.”

Mrs. Blumenthal Lazan spoke about the Nuremberg Laws and her trip to the infamous Bergen-Belsen concentration camp at the height World War II. She also explained the true story behind her book: If she collected four perfect pebbles, all of her family members would survive.

Mrs. Blumenthal Lazan told the students she has separated herself from what happened but realizes the importance of sharing her experiences. She also appealed to the students to share her story with others.

“Please share the stories of the Holocaust,” she said. “It is you who will have to bear witness.”

Mrs. Blumenthal ended her assembly by asking students to have love, respect and tolerance toward one another, to look for similarities and respect differences, and to never generalize a group by the actions of others.

Date Added: 3/22/2023

Middle School Students Learn to Cultivate Kindness

Students at Cultivate Kindness assembly thumbnail242616
Students at Cultivate Kindness assembly thumbnail242617

During the week of Feb. 13-17, district students learned about the harmful effects of bullying and promoted, through various activities, the positive impact and importance of showing kindness to others.

At Oakdale-Bohemia and Ronkonkoma middle schools, students attended an assembly with Richard Specht, co-founder of the ReesSpecht Life Foundation, who demonstrated how kindness changed his family in the wake of a tragedy. Mr. Specht admitted that many people don’t believe kindness makes a difference in the world. He also noted that the same people will not choose kindness if they don’t believe its power.

“Don’t wish for a better world,” Mr. Specht told the students. “Go out and make it happen one kind act at a time.” He continued by saying, “Words don’t fix things – kindness does.”

Date Added: 2/23/2023

Celebrating National Fettuccini Alfredo Day

Students holding food and smiling with Chef Tony DiStefano thumbnail241874
Students learning how a kitchen works thumbnail241875
People eating food at a table thumbnail241876
Tony DiStefano and a large group smiling at the camera thumbnail241877
Students wearing chef gear and smiling thumbnail241878
People holding food and smiling thumbnail241879
Oakdale-Bohemia Middle School’s cafeteria turned into a pasta bar as students chose between three types of pasta entrees in celebration of National Fettuccini Alfredo Day, held on Feb. 7. The lunchtime event was a collaboration between the Connetquot Central School District’s food supply company Whitsons Culinary Group and Mannino’s restaurant in Oakdale. Student Gio Mannino, representing his family’s restaurant, was also on hand to serve peers alongside select student servers.

Whitsons Culinary Group District Manager Christine Kunnmann explained that the administration, students, the school’s nutrition committee and Whitsons Culinary Group recently polled students on a healthy lunch alternative to the regular menu. Students suggested a pasta bar and more pasta entrees on the menu.

“The students’ voices said can you do this for us, and we said we are here for you and listening to your requests for school lunch,” Ms. Kunnmann said.

The students were served penne pasta with a choice of either alfredo, marinara or meat sauce. Mannino’s Restaurant donated the marinara and meat sauce, and Whitson’s guest chef, Tony DiStefano, made the alfredo sauce. The meal also included Caesar salad, garlic bread, apple slices and milk for a healthy meal.

Date Added: 2/10/2023

OBMS Presents ‘Matilda Jr. The Musical’

Cast and crew standing on the stage with a screen behind them thumbnail241695

Under the direction of Rachel Carter White, the Oakdale-Bohemia Middle School Drama Club delivered powerful performances of “Matilda Jr. The Musical,” held on Feb. 2-4. Based on the book by Dennis Kelly, the middle school version of the musical kept intact the original storyline and beloved characters who have wowed audiences since it was first performed in England in 2010.

“Matilda Jr.” is the story of an extraordinary girl with special powers who grew up in a difficult family situation and seeks refuge in library books, while creating her own stories. There was so much student interest in performing the musical, there were two separate casts. The actors expertly portrayed the scenes and musical numbers, including favorites “When I Grow Up,” “The Hammer,” and “The Chokey Chant.

In her Director’s Note, Ms. White noted that each of the students has grown. “What is true for every child is that they have shown tremendous growth in their particular craft,” Ms. White said. “They have challenged themselves as performers, crew members and colleagues.”

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Date Added: 2/9/2023

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