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Sycamore Avenue Elementary School 

745 Sycamore Avenue
Bohemia, NY 11716-3500


Principal: Stuart Pollak 



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Milk and Cookies 2022 Video Read Alouds

Milk and Cookies 2021 Video Read Alouds







The Faculty, Staff, Parents and Community of the Sycamore Avenue School will strive to provide the foundation necessary to develop each child’s academic and personal growth.

Cooperatively, we, as a nurturing and inclusive partnership, will continually work to develop responsible citizens who demonstrate an enthusiasm for learning and respect for themselves and others.

Sycamore Avenue School’s Belief Statements
We believe that:
Children will learn best, when they feel best.
Education is the shared responsibility of the school, the family and the community.
All children have the right to a nurturing and safe environment.
Respect for self, property and others is necessary for learning.
A well-rounded education includes contributing to one’s community.



Sycamore Avenue Hosts Math Night

Sycamore Avenue Elementary School students at Math Night thumbnail241434
Sycamore Avenue Elementary School students at Math Night thumbnail241435
Sycamore Avenue Elementary School students at Math Night thumbnail241436
Sycamore Avenue Elementary School students at Math Night thumbnail241437
Sycamore Avenue Elementary School students at Math Night thumbnail241438

Sycamore Avenue Elementary School students celebrated their passion for numbers with family and friends during the PTA-sponsored Math Night. During the event, students participated in various mathematics and number games, provided by Mathnasium in Sayville.

Students from Connetquot High School assisted participants with various games such as Addimorphs, 10 Slam, Four-way Countdown, Tangrams and Sticky Notes Fractions, not only introducing them to new concepts but honing skills already learned in school. After the students played a game, they received a star for their Mathnasium passport.

Connetquot Director of Mathematics and Computer Science Louise Burger said she was excited that there was such great attendance, and the fun can be continued by purchasing many of the games at Mathnasium. “The goal of the evening was to get students to talk about math with their parents and have fun collaborating during math games,” Ms. Burger said.

Date Added: 2/2/2023

Let it Code at Sycamore

Students listening to a lesson on coding thumbnail238774
A student working on a tablet thumbnail238775
Two students holding up their tablets thumbnail238776
December is Let it Code Month and district students are honing their coding skills with special lessons throughout the month. 

At Sycamore Avenue Elementary School, second grade students learned about algorithms and how they can give computers step-by-step directions to complete a task. Using Nearpod, library media specialist Christina Laddick led the students through a lesson that demonstrated that computers cannot guess what a person means, and that the user must give clear instructions. The students practiced giving instructions for brushing their teeth and drawing a blue line completing exercises on an iPad. 

“You must have all of the steps, when you try to have a computer follow your directions” Ms. Laddick explained. 

Date Added: 12/22/2022

Feather Project Fosters Social-Emotional Lesson

Students and staff in front of a decorated bulletin board thumbnail238773
Sycamore Avenue Elementary School students participated in a feather-themed project that fosters social-emotional development and wellness. 

Under the direction of social worker Laura Michelsen, the students each designed a feather with symbols and colors that have meaning and that reflect their personality. The feathers were then placed on a bulletin board to resemble the wings of a bird. The bulletin board reads, “Sycamore is a part of your roots to help you grow so one day you can fly.” 

Ms. Michelsen explained that United We Stand Week was the impetus for the project and that the school has been working on the feathers since November. United We Stand Week is a special week of guest speakers and lessons on how to live a healthy lifestyle, both physically and emotionally. 

Date Added: 12/20/2022

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