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General Fax Number

(631) 589-0683
Main Number

(631) 244-2215
Joseph Tanen Centamore, Ed.D.
Ext. 3508
Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction
Christina Poppe Ext. 3758
Assistant Superintendent for Administration and Personnel
Reza Kolahifar
Ext. 3564
Assistant Superintendent for Business & Operations
Robert Hauser
Ext. 3504
Assistant to the Superintendent
John Allen
Ext. 3400
District Clerk
Jessie Kemp Ext. 3506
Coordinator of Security Services
Don Flynn
Ext. 1999
District Treasurer
Diana DeCicco
Ext. 3531

Director of Instructional Technology
Elizabeth Weis
Ext. 1320
Director of Student Services
Joanne Pisani
Ext. 3968
Director for Special Education
Laurie O'Hara
Ext. 3519
Director of Health, Physical Education, Athletics and Recreation
Peter Melore Ext. 1060
Director of Fine Arts and Music
Vincent Malafronte
Ext. 1078
Director of Guidance Jessica Yawney-Kohler  Ext. 1020 
Director of Purchasing
Carolyn Biondi
Ext. 3533
Director of Transportation
JoAnne Frohberg
Ext. 3542
Director of ENL/World Languages
Cheryl Sosa
Ext. 1091
Director of English Language Arts Danielle Mattina
Ext. 1093
Director of Facilities
Brandon Weisberg
Director of Social Studies & Business
Robert Cassagne
Ext. 1092
Director of Science, FACS & Technology Stephanie Burns Ext. 1095
Director of Mathematics 
Louise Burger  Ext. 1094 

(631) 244-2243