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Edward J. Bosti Elementary School

50 Bourne Boulevard
Bohemia, NY 11716-4999
Principal: Laura Kimball


Welcome To Edward J. Bosti Elementary School
The Bosti Community is a child centered environment that celebrates each student’s unique talents. Through a wide variety of learning opportunities, students will strive to reach their highest level of achievement in an atmosphere of mutual respect and responsibility. We aspire to develop compassionate life-long learners who will be our Leaders of Tomorrow. Rooted in Tradition Energized by Unity Inspired by Pride Our community accepts this, "The Bosti Challenge"


Character Education Mission Statement
The mission of the Edward J. Bosti Character Education Initiative is to empower all children in our community with the knowledge, skills, and aspirations needed for the development and practice of positive character traits throughout their lives.   



Current News

Connetquot Students Winners in Storyworks Magazine Contest

Cameron Caporuscio and Brooke Ebner thumbnail242625

Edward J. Bosti Elementary School is pleased to announce that Cameron Caporuscio and Brooke Ebner were selected by Scholastic Inc. as winners for the Storyworks Magazine Root Power Contest for the month of September. Both students received gift card prizes.

According to Storyworks Magazine Editor-in-Chief Lauren Tarshis, Cameron’s and Brooke’s entries presented a strong understanding and proficiency of the root word “cred.” The students were required to think about the meaning of the root word to figure out the meaning of a phrase. They then submitted three new sentences using the root word. Finally, they were instructed to write a new sentence with a new word that contained the root. The contest required Cameron and Brooke to demonstrate their critical reading skills and to apply their thinking to a rigorous, authentic writing activity.

The district congratulates Cameron and Brooke on this outstanding accomplishment.

Date Added: 2/27/2023

Student’s Flag to Fly with Pole to Pole electric Vehicle Expedition

Two people holding artwork thumbnail242290
People gathered together and holding artwork thumbnail242291
People gathered together and holding artwork thumbnail242292
Students sitting on the floor and listening to a presenter speak thumbnail242293
Edward J. Bosti Elementary School student Grace Cortright was announced the worldwide flag design contest winner for the upcoming Pole to Pole electric vehicle exhibition. News-O-Matic digital platform host Russell Kahn, who will be covering and writing about the expedition, sponsored the flag design contest and was on hand on Feb. 10 to announce Grace as the winner. The students regularly watch News-O-Matic in their classroom and were excited and thrilled to meet Mr. Kahn. The flag designs of students Anastasia Schretzmayer and Gracyn Ebner will also accompany the expedition in poster form.

This spring, global electric vehicle adventurers Chris Ramsey and Julie Ramsey will drive an electric vehicle from the North Pole to the South Pole through the Americas. The 10-month excursion will occur over a distance of 17,000 miles to bring awareness of the capability and power of electric vehicles. A video messagefrom the Ramseys was shown to students at an assembly where Grace’s flag was unveiled.

During their video message, the Ramseys said Grace’s design captured the essence of what the Pole to Pole exhibition is about. “It reminded us that there is hope and there’s inspiration in this world,” the Ramseys said. “There are true solutions out there to tackle the climate change situation we have. All we need is to do our bit to protect this fragile planet.”

Date Added: 2/15/2023
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