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njhsOakdale-Bohemia Middle School

Honor Society


The National Junior Honor Society Oakdale-Bohemia Middle School
The National Junior Honor Society promotes recognition for students who reflect outstanding accomplishments in the areas of scholarship, service, leadership, citizenship and character.  A member exhibits excellence in academics and leadership, displays honorable and admirable character, and demonstrates a commitment to service and good citizenship for the improvement of both self and society.

Students must meet the requirements in all five criteria in order to be selected as a member of the National Junior Honor Society.  These criteria are scholarship, service, leadership, citizenship, and character.

In order to be considered for membership, a student must have achieved an overall average of 92 or higher, with no rounding up, in English, Science, Social Studies, Math and Foreign Language in 6th grade and 7th grade.

Students fulfill their Service and Citizenship requirements by participating in school clubs, activities, and sports, as well as participating in out of school community groups.  Participation in these activities is very important in fulfilling these criteria.

The final criteria, Leadership and Character, are based on how the students conduct themselves

in class.  The entire faculty of the building is given a list of students considered for membership.  They are asked to evaluate only the students they have had interaction with; whether it was in class or in a club.

Once all the students are evaluated, the Faculty Council selects the students for membership in the National Junior Honor Society.

Advisor:  Mrs. Senia