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Superintendent's Message

Photo of Joe Centamore, Superintendent

August 31, 2023

Dear Connetquot Family,

The enduring and brilliant summer rays highlight what a very special time of year this truly is. It is time to go Back to School and I can’t wait! 2023-2024 is going to be an outstanding school year! From our Kindergartners to our Seniors, it will be a year filled with wonderful milestones and memories to last a lifetime.

It has been amazing to see so many of our students actively engaged over the summer in our programs and camps. They, and our dedicated staff, brought tremendous energy and enthusiasm, which has certainly set the tone for things to come. As we prepare for the arrival of our students, I want to thank the members of our IT Department for their diligence in enhancing connectivity in our classrooms, and the Facilities Departments for tirelessly preparing our buildings and grounds for the opening of school. The hallways and classrooms sparkle & shine, while key projects across the district, including library, auditorium and field renovations, will be completed in time for the first day of classes.

To sustain success and excellence, we need to build a strong bond between our schools and community.  Safety, health and wellness all remain paramount. The District’s philosophy is to take a proactive and preventative approach. Ensuring this requires a team effort, including open lines of communication between all stakeholders. One way to reinforce our school initiatives is to speak with your child regarding the importance of positive decision making. This includes being mindful of the influence of certain social media platforms that encourage students, through “swatting” or challenges, to do potentially dangerous and/or unlawful things. With this in mind, our staff participates in training and performs numerous drills with students throughout the year.

While our schools remain warm and welcoming, visitor protocols and procedures are in place to maintain a safe and conducive learning environment. The Security Department is staffed and operated 24/7 and can be reached at (631) 244-2243. You are strongly encouraged to contact them, and of course, your school administrators with any health and safety concerns. Please also be mindful of our buses, especially when they are stopped with stop signs extended, as all vehicles are also required to stop. Additionally, our Student Services Department is readily available to assist students and families with challenging or even potential crisis situations. The District also has various partnerships with several support service agencies.

Please join me throughout the school year in supporting the efforts and accomplishments of our students and staff at school events, including afterschool, evening and weekend activities. Connetquot has outstanding academic and co-curricular programs, including its renown drama, music and art courses, as well as highly successful athletic teams. To further this home-to-school partnership, you are also encouraged to become involved in the District’s active PTA, SEPTA, ORBBA (Drama/Music/Arts) and Athletic Booster organizations.

As I emphasized earlier this summer, my expectation is that this is going to be a year where we highlight all of the positive and marvelous work being done throughout the district by our students and staff. Please be sure to follow their accolades through the District’s social media outlets and our District website. There is going to be so much to collectively celebrate and this will be our charge.

It is such an honor to be joining you and our entire Connetquot family. I look forward to seeing all our students on the first day of school – Wednesday, September 6. Until then, enjoy the last few days of summer vacation. Together, we are going to soar like Thunderbirds and make it a magnificent school year!

Educationally Yours,

Joseph T. Centamore, Ed.D.
 “Dr. C.”