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Veterans Day at Idle Hour

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On Nov. 9, Idle Hour Elementary held a special Veterans Day tribute, featuring 20 veterans who also happen to be family members of students and faculty.

Throughout the ceremony, the third, fourth and fifth grade chorus and band sang and performed patriotic songs. Several fifth graders read essays that they wrote, thanking veterans.

A member of the Blue Star Mothers was presented with a box of donations that will be sent overseas to active military members.

Lastly, each veteran in attendance was recognized and given a flower and card from their loved ones and the assembly ended with a slideshow, sharing pictures of the Idle Hour students and their veteran family members.

Click here to view the photo slideshow.

Date Added: 11/15/2023

Veteran's Day Tribute Video

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Date Added: 11/9/2023

FLES fun at Idle Hour Elementary

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Our Spanish FLES students at Idle Hour Elementary have been busy with some great hands-on learning projects!

Recently, the fifth grade Spanish FLES class at Idle Hour learned about the Mayan-based legend of the worry dolls. Children tell the doll their problems at night and place them under their pillows. When they wake up, they have the knowledge of how to get rid of their problems. The students created the dolls using Aguayo, a traditional Guatemalan cloth and other textiles.

The fourth grade Spanish FLES class at Idle Hour learned about the Nasca Sand Lines in Peru from 500 B.C. -550 A.D. They are geoglyphs formed by scraping darker stones from the desert floor to show the lighter stone below. Students recreated smaller versions by scraping out a sand mixture using pictures of actual Peruvian geoglyphs!

Date Added: 10/20/2023