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MS Outlook Web Access


Microsoft Office Outlook Web Access Webmail Tutorial
- Information Technology (IT) Department

Microsoft Office Outlook Web Access is also referred to as MS Exchange Server email, Outlook Web Access, or Outlook Webmail.

What is Webmail?

Webmail is a web-enabled email client that lets you compose, send, receive, and manage your Connetquot email messages and account settings, from a web browser.  This allows you to access your school email messages using a web browser from your workstation or from another location where you have access to a web browser and an Internet connection, including your home.


Important things to know about Outlook Web Access

  • Outlook Web Access is accessed by entering the following URL in your web browser:


    • It is recommended that you add this URL to Bookmarks or Favorites in your web browser for future reference.   

  • Your username and password for Outlook Web Access is the same one you normally use when accessing your school network account.

  • Your email address is your school network user

  • Outlook Web Access provides a web interface to your school email account.

  • Outlook Web Access allows you to access your Inbox on the email server. When you read your messages using the Outlook Web Access interface, your messages stay in your Inbox on the email server, they are not downloaded to your local workstation.

  • Your vacation messages and personal account settings are managed through Outlook Web Access using the “Options” link in the top right corner.