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Response to Intervention Services (RtI)




RTI holds the promise of ensuring that all children have access to high quality instruction, and that struggling learners are identified, supported, and served early and effectively. All school districts must have a plan in place by July 2012 for September implementation.
There are 4 essential components to this initiative:
Universal screenings will be conducted three times per academic year for all students grades kindergarten through grade 4.
School Districts will execute a research-based multi-tiered service delivery model for students determined to be “at risk.”
Regular progress monitoring must be implemented to inform instruction for students receiving services
Data should drive decision making throughout the RtI process
Universal Screening and Progess Monitoring:
The Connetquot School District will use AIMSweb to assist in both screening and progress monitoring all elementary school students in the areas of early literacy, oral reading and reading comprehension.  AIMSweb will also provide data management and data reporting.

The RtI Three Tier System of Support:

Tier I

  • This tier is proactive and preventive.
  • The classroom teacher supplements the learning process by providing supportive strategies within the classroom setting

Tier II

  • Provided when students are not making adequate growth with Tier I supports
  • A specific intervention is chosen based on student need
  • Small group instruction is provided 3 to 4 times per week for 30-40 minutes
  • Weekly progress monitoring occurs to measure student growth

Tier III

  • Provided when extensive interventions at a Tier 2 level have not substantially improved student performance.
  • Smaller group instruction is provided 4-5 times per week for 30-40 minutes
  • Weekly progress monitoring occurs to measure student growth
    If students do not make adequate progress, they may be referred to the CSE for a comprehensive evaluation