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Idle Hour Elementary School

334 Idle Hour Boulevard
Oakdale, NY 11769-1998
Principal: Sandra Rubin


Enjoy these winter-themed projects created by students in Krystal Zaglool's art classes.


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Special Congratulations to Kristyn Lineman, Keri Farrell, Christine Corrente for using eSpark with fidelity to support student learning, Idle Hour Elementary School has been named an All-Star eSpark School! Here is an exclusive badge from eSpark:




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Writing Rhythms

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Second graders in Kelly Daugherty’s music classes at Idle Hour Elementary School in the Connetquot Central School District recently had a special opportunity to try their hand at rhythmic composition. Each student first wrote out his or her own unique arrangement of rhythms and beats on paper. Then, all of the “composers” were given the chance to come up to the Smartboard and input their pieces into an interactive music education software called Musicplay. Finally, using this program, each student selected an instrument, and a track of that instrument “performing” his or her rhythmic composition was played to the class.

This activity allowed the students to combine their individual creativity with their growing knowledge of rhythmic notation and they relished in hearing their compositions come to life.