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Cherokee Street Elementary School

130 Cherokee Street
Ronkonkoma, NY 11779-4600
Principal: Jill Lahey
Assistant Principal: Patricia Murthy


Back to School Night Schedule

Grades K - 2 6:00 - 6:30pm
Special Area and Support Staff, PTA Meet & Greet - 6:30 - 7:30pm
Grades 3 - 5 7:30 - 8:00pm



Our Mission

The mission of the Cherokee Street

School is to bring child and community

together to create a safe and caring

learning environment where each

individual can reach his/her maximum

potential and achieve his/her personal



Belief Statement

We believe that…

Community involvement is paramount.
Learning occurs in all facets of life.
Individuals can grow into good and respectful citizens.
Maximum potential should be emphasized.
Best efforts are essential from all.

Current News

Practicing Drug-Free Decisions

 Practicing Drug-Free Decisions photo

In recognition of United We Stand for A Drug-Free Community Week, students from all elementary level buildings in the district took part in a number of engaging activities and lessons with the goal in mind to stay away from drugs and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Along with their “Grandfriends” from the Arbors Assisted Living at Bohemia, students from Idle Hour Elementary School made a spiderweb craft after carefully listening to a story about Halloween. The project was an effort to showcase that the students have better things to do than drugs, as they will be able to form everlasting friendships with their “Grandfriends” during their time at Idle Hour Elementary.  

Sycamore Avenue Elementary School Youth and Family Services Coordinator Laura Michelsen directed her students in a program of skits and songs designed to emphasize self-esteem and making positive choices. A video showcasing students and teachers talking about people who have influenced their lives was an additional part of the day’s drug-prevention program.

Upperclassmen from Bosti Elementary School recently stepped into the shoes of their teachers as they presented informative health lessons about the dangers of tobacco to younger students, and also emphasized the necessity to make healthy choices.

Kindergarten students enrolled in both Linda Pennington and Elizabeth Jonas’s classes at Slocum Elementary School welcomed Stony Brook Children’s Hospital Trauma Center RN Kristi Ladowski back to the school for a Teddy Bear Clinic. The informative clinic taught the young students the importance of being safety conscious and how to prevent injuries.

Suffolk County Police Officer Wendy Verlotte visited the upperclassmen at Duffield Elementary School to warn them about the dangers of tobacco, smoking and vaping, and offer guidance on how to properly say “No” to these harmful activities. Additionally, the students were also treated to a Teddy Bear Clinic courtesy of Registered Nurse Kristi Ladowski.

Students at John Pearl Elementary School were visited by Mr. Pat and Mr. Matt of the Rose Brucia Foundation for a highly informative presentation which informed the students how to properly distinguish the difference between a stranger and someone you know. Both Pat and Matt engaged the students in a number of helpful activities which mimicked real-life scenarios in the rare case that a stranger approaches a student outside of school. The students also participated in a rock-painting activity based on the  popular children’s book “Only One You” by Linda Kranz.  

In recognition of United We Stand for A Drug-Free Community Week, students at Cherokee Street Elementary School eased their minds and took part in a relaxing yoga session taught by Youth and Family Services Coordinator Nicole Coogan. 


Cherokee Elementary School Wears Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness

Cherokee Elementary School Wears Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness photo
Cherokee Elementary School Wears Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness photo 2
Cherokee Elementary School Wears Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness photo 3
Cherokee Elementary School Wears Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness photo 4
In recognition of Breast Cancer Awareness Month celebrated throughout the month of October, staff and students at Cherokee Elementary School recently donned pink attire to show their support for those fighting and recovering from breast cancer. Due to their fundraising efforts, the school raised $250 to be donated toward cancer research.

Fire-Smart Students

Fire-Smart Students photo

Students of all grade levels at Cherokee Street Elementary School were provided with highly informative fire safety measures and tactics when the school recently welcomed Lakeland Volunteer Fire Department’s Chief Robert DeRusso and his fellow firefighters.

The inquisitive students were reminded that they and their family members should practice fire drills at home, and that they should talk to their parents about developing an escape plan in the rare case of a fire-related emergency.The students were also given the opportunity to ask the firefighters questions about fire safety, the equipment they wear, and what to do about their pets should there be a fire at home.  

Prior to the conclusion of the assembly, Firefighters Zach and Dominic dressed up in their protective gear and allowed the students to feel the texture of the material, assuring them that they should not be afraid if a fireman is dressed this way in their home.

Ready for Halloween

Ready for Halloween photo

In celebration of the fall season and Halloween, students at Cherokee Street Elementary School are currently sharpening their musical skills with assistance from music teacher Lauren Isleman by taking part in a fun pumpkin-themed activity.

Sitting in a circle, the students passed along a stuffed pumpkin around to one another while practicing keeping a proper beat to the melody of the song “Pass the Pumpkin,” which featured Halloween-themed lyrics and is set in a minor key. 

Once the pumpkin landed on a student, they were asked to leave the circle and interact with a number of instruments which would assist with increasing the musical dynamic of the song. The instruments included were xylophones, metallophones, gongs and rain sticks, which the students highly enjoyed playing alongside their classmates.

Cherokee Pumpkin Patch

Cherokee Pumpkin Patch
Students at Cherokee Street Elementary School recently hand-picked their very own pumpkins during the school’s annual pumpkin patch in celebration of the fall season and Halloween!