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Connetquot High School

Attendance Procedures


Every student must check in with the attendance office upon late arrival to school or prior to an early departure. A pass for late arrivals and early departures will be provided to the student. Failure to comply will result in a disciplinary referral. If a pattern of poor attendance is recognized, the student may be required to obtain medical documentation for all absences to be labeled as excused.

LATE ARRIVALS  Every student arriving into the building after 7:18 AM MUST SIGN IN at the attendance office where their student identification card will be scanned.

According to our Code of Conduct, any student arriving to school after 10:30 AM will be ineligible to participate in any extra-curricular activity for that day. Extracurricular refers to all music/drama productions, as well as athletics and clubs.

EARLY DISMISSAL   Every student leaving the school building prior to the end of their regularly scheduled school day, must go through the attendance office. A student must do one of the following:

  • Provide a note at the beginning of the school day from a parent indicating child’s name, date/time of dismissal, reason and contact phone number for verification.
  • In the event of an unforeseen early dismissal, a parent may see the security officer in the main lobby to request an early dismissal.
    • Students with driving privileges will be given a pass to be handed to the guard at the front gate upon exiting the campus.
    • All other students must be picked up by a parent/guardian or emergency contact (upon parental consent).  Parent/guardian is required to enter the building and produce identification to the security guard in the main lobby.  Upon verification, students will be released to their parent/guardian.
If a student leaves the school building without proper permission from the attendance office, they will receive a disciplinary referral.


FULL DAY ABSENCE   Parents are encouraged to phone in a full day absence and provide the attendance office with a note indicating the child’s name, date(s) of absence, reason for absence and contact phone number to verify if necessary. 

  • Last Name A through L – ext 1098
  • Last Name M through Z – ext 1099


  • If a full day absence is not verified by a parent within 24 hours, the absence is considered an “unexcused” absence. A disciplinary referral will be forwarded to the administrator.
  • Truancy is when a student is absent from school without permission from a parent. Students who are truant and/or absent for an “unexcused” reason, will receive a disciplinary referral and may be issued In School Suspension. 

Absence from school on the day of any school activity automatically eliminates participation from evening activities. This includes dances, sports and other school activities.


Grading System Policy #4710

The Board of Education recognizes that regular school attendance is a major component of academic success. The attendance requirements for course credit (District Policy #4710– Grading Systems known throughout this webpage as the Credit Policy) was designed to ensure the success of every student and reduce the level of absences, tardiness and early departures. It is imperative that all members of the school community (student, parents and staff) are aware of this policy, its purpose, procedures and consequences of non-compliance.


Minimum Attendance Requirements for High School Students: To be granted credit for any course, a student must earn a passing grade in the course and attend each class a minimum of 85% of the time or 153 per year (.85 x 180 = 153).

  • FULL YEAR COURSE – a student may be absent not more than 27 times per year per class. A student will be in violation on the 28th absence and therefore will be denied credit for that course.  **DENIAL OF ELIGIBILITY FOR SUMMER SCHOOL AT 35 ABSENCES
  • HALF-YEAR COURSE, COURSES THAT MEET ON ALTERNATE DAYS AND PHYSICAL EDUCATION CLASS – a student may be absent no more than 13 times per semester per class. A student will be in violation on the 14th absence.* DENIAL OF ELIGIBILITY FOR SUMMER SCHOOL AT 18 ABSENCES
  • Three instances of tardiness to class shall be deemed to equal one absence. Students will be considered absent if they arrive more than 20 minutes late to class without proper documentation for their tardiness.


  • This policy shall apply to each course independently.
  • New entrants at the high school will have the number of absences for denial of credit pro-rated.
  • Students who transfer from one class period to another during the school year will have their class attendance transferred to the new class.


  • All absences from class will be covered by this policy. No distinction will be made between classifications of excused or unexcused when determining the total number of days absent from each course.
  • Any absence as a result of out of school or in school suspension will not count as a class absence unless adequate alternative education was offered to the student which they failed to attend.
  • Any students currently receiving home instruction or on hospital care will not be considered absent from their regular classes during that time.

Appeal Process:

  • A student who has been denied credit in a course (s) has the right to file for an appeal within 10 days of the loss of credit notice. The student and parent or guardian may be asked to appear at this meeting with the appropriate, verifiable documentation to present to the Appeals Committee. The committee will then rule whether the student will be awarded credit. Any further absence during the appeals process may result in dismissal of the appeal and loss of credit. The final decision will ultimately rest with the building principal.