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Youth and Family Services

Bully Busters


This page is dedicated to the topic of bullying.  Each week there will be definitions, strategies and/or information pertaining to this important and relevant topic.

Bullying is defined by the Connetquot Central School District  as a form of harassment that consists of inappropriate persistent behavior including social isolation, threats, intimidation or embarrassment of others, treating others cruelly, terrorizing, coercing, or habitual put-downs and /or badgering others.

At John Pearl we have an anti-bullying task force.  We meet once a month to discuss how to promote good character and discuss activities to bring awareness and education about bullying to our students.

John Pearl Anti-Bully Task Force Members
Miss White, Principal, Mrs. Leopardi, YFS Coordinator, Dr. Fahey, Psychologist,
Mrs. Phelan, Mrs. Okula, Mrs. Bergen, Mrs. Verron, Mr. Sturtz

Check here monthly:

Tools for being B.F.F. (Bully Free Forever)