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John Pearl Elementary School

Box Tops For Education


Please help the John Pearl School Community earn cash for our school with the Original
Box Tops for Education Program

How It Works: The Box Tops for Education "Clip" program allows you to earn cash for our school every time you buy groceries. The "Clip" program has three easy steps

1. Clip Box Tops Coupons from Participating Products - Save Box Tops coupons from hundreds of General Mills products throughout the grocery store.

2. Send Your Box Tops Coupons to School
- We will collect submitted Box Tops coupons and send them to General Mills.

3. Our School Gets a Check
- General Mills will send our school a check worth 10¢ for each Box Tops coupon redeemed - we can earn a maximum of $20,000 annually.

Pick Up Some Cash for Our School Next Time You Buy Groceries!

Find Box Tops for Education Coupons on Hundreds of Great Products Below is a list of products participating in the Box Tops for Education program. Box Tops coupons may not appear on all sizes/flavors of participating products.


Complete Box Tops for Education
Participating Products List

For Additional Information About Box Tops for Education Visit


Clip Box Tops coupons from participating products and send them to our school. Each coupon is worth 10¢ when we redeem them through General Mills.