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Senior Paint Day

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Connetquot High School’s senior parking lot became a bright-colored canvas on Aug. 18 as seniors personalized their parking spaces during the school’s inaugural Senior Paint Day. Carrying paint, rollers, brushes, stencils and design sheets, students mapped out and created their designs with the help of family and friends.

Student Government President Zachary Palazzotto said Senior Paint Day’s goal was “to showcase class spirit, creativity and positivity” during the start of the 2021-2022 school year.

For the price of $30, legally licensed participants purchased and chose a parking spot to use for the school year. They submitted their designs for approval prior to the event and before purchasing discounted supplies at Long Island Hardware in Bohemia. Zachary noted there will be a second Senior Paint Day in the fall for seniors who have not acquired their license by the start of the semester.

Senior Savannah Catera painted her rendition of a bright sunset because, she said, “it’s one of my favorite things.” Isabelle Andres rendered a Captain America Shield with the help of Sophia Aebisher because she likes adventurous characters. Julianna Cicero (Class of 2020) assisted senior Joseph Moulton with painting “Sponge Bob’s” Bold and Brash because, Sophia explained, “he has an amazing sense of humor.”

Stencils of a spaceship and a cow were strategically placed in the design of Evan Mistler’s parking space. When asked about his choice of theme, a cow being lifted by a spaceship, he answered, “why not?”