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Spanish Song of Patriotism

Sons for Patriotism Flag Graphic thumbnail187935

At the end of the school year, students in Denise Trainor’s Spanish classes at Connetquot High School wrote and produced this beautiful song which represents their patriotism and what it means to be a proud American. They were inspired to create this song after watching the documentary “Residente,” which tells the story of Latin America’s most decorated artist, Rene Perez, as he embarks on a global adventure to trace the footsteps of his ancestors.

Songwriting by: Gabriel Class, Kayla Finegan, Grace Garito, Craig Giaccone, Adian Howlader, Gavin Lane, Gregory Nicpon, Marlena Souce, Kylie Wixted

Vocals by: Katarina Donaldson

Music by: Katarina Donaldson, Gabriella Lane