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A Fun Test of Knowledge

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Students of all grade levels from Slocum Elementary School were recently paid a visit from representatives of the “Hollyrock Brain Challenge” in an effort to engage in some fun and friendly knowledge-based competition. 

Led by an enthusiastic emcee by the name of Peter, along with his referee/assistant, Randy, the students were divided into two competitive teams in order to answer questions spanning the subjects of numbers, letters, grade-level history, math and spelling. Additionally, the participating students were challenged to demonstrate their ability to dance, use a hula hoop and tested their strength in the tug of war competition. 

The district would like to thank the members of the Edith L. Slocum Elementary School Parent-Teacher Association for bringing this special event to the school for all to enjoy.

Spreading Kindness Through Artistic Creations

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In celebration of International Dot Day, fourth graders enrolled in Dina Pinelli’s class at Slocum Elementary School used their artistic talents to create their very own dot-inspired paintings which will later be put on display for all to admire. 

Motivated from their reading of “The Dot” by Peter H. Reynolds, the students began their artistic creations with a simple dot of paint, which further blossomed into masterpieces resembling athletic equipment, dinosaurs and planet Earth once they added splashes of watercolor paint. 

According to their website, International Dot Day aims to bring millions of people throughout the world together to connect, collaborate, create and celebrate all that creativity inspires and invites. 

‘Mouse Soup’

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Students enrolled in Kathryn Minerva’s first grade class at Slocum Elementary School recently presented their own telling of the popular Arnold Lobel book, “Mouse Soup,” for attending family members and friends after months of rehearsing their lines in the classroom setting. In the play, a clever mouse tells a trickster weasel four silly stories about bees, stones, loud crickets and a thorn bush in an effort to distract him. The weasel leaves his house to collect these ingredients to make “Mouse Soup,” but upon returning with the collected ingredients, he finds that mouse nowhere to be found, proving that he successfully outdid the weasel.

Exploring Nature

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Students enrolled in Lauren Farrell’s class, Loretta Powell’s class and Jacqueline Marquez’s ENL classes from Slocum Elementary School recently took a field trip to the Bayard Cutting Arboretum in Great River. During their time at the arboretum, the students explored the beautiful property and ornate gardens. The district would like to thank Board of Education trustee Lee Kennedy for organizing the day for the students to enjoy.


Celebrating Flag Day

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Students, staff members, parents and first responders from Slocum Elementary recently joined one another to celebrate Flag Day on June 14.

Organized by physical education instructor John Zambriski, the sidewalks outside the school building were filled with patriotic images of the flag, as well as those of the first responders. Students and staff members dressed in their red, white and blue outfits, recited the Pledge of Allegiance, and sang patriotic songs around the school’s flag pole. In addition, members of the Slocum Elementary School band entertained the audience with upbeat patriotic music throughout the course of the celebration. 

Joining the staff and students were local first responders, one U.S. Naval Officer and two Vietnam-era veterans. After the flag-raising ceremony, many of the guests visited the classrooms to talk to students about their dedication to the community they serve. It was Mr. Zambriski’s hope that the students would recognize the honorable service these professionals provide, and show their appreciation for that dedication.  

Edith L. Slocum Elementary School Principal John Delio thanked the students for their attention, as well as Mr. Zambriski for planning such a wonderful program for the annual Flag Day celebration.