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Exploring Outer Space

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In coordination with the year’s theme of the 50th anniversary of landing on the moon, students of all grade levels at John Pearl Elementary School were recently paid a visit from Cradle of Aviation educator Tim Sarro for an informative presentation on space exploration.

Throughout the course of the assembly, Mr. Sarro spoke to the attentive students about the many aspects of outer space, including how rockets operate, the daily routines of astronauts and scientific facts about the sun and the solar systems’ planets. According to Mr. Sarro, water, food, oxygen, fuel/power and shelter are absolutely essential to an astronaut in order to complete their mission while in space, bearing striking similarities to our survival needs here on Earth. 

Additionally, two student volunteers were asked to mimic the spacesuits that astronauts wear as they geared up with two layers of thick gloves and attempted to tie their shoelaces, both to success.


John Pearl students strengthen their love for literacy

John Pearl students strengthen their love for literacy photo

In recognition of Parents as Reading Partners Month, students of all grade levels at John Pearl Elementary School were treated to a schoolwide assembly led by musician/historian Patricia Shih for her “Big Ideas About Literacy” presentation.

With assistance from her husband and musical accompaniment Mr. Steve, Mrs. Shih introduced the students to a number of catchy and informative songs which celebrated literacy and the importance of books. During one of her songs, Mrs. Shih asked a number of student volunteers to present popular children’s books such as “The Cat in the Hat,” “Cinderella” and “Winnie The Pooh” when they were called upon. 

Mrs. Shih also touched upon foreign and world languages during the assembly as well, as she asked student volunteers to speak a phrase in a foreign language, which was then incorporated into a fun song for all to enjoy. 

Thanking Those Who Served

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In an effort to show respect toward the nation’s veterans, third-grade students from John Pearl Elementary School were recently visited by two active military servicemen along with Suffolk County Legislator William Lindsay III in support of his Valentines for Veterans initiative in which they created tokens of appreciation for the visiting veterans. 

Meeting in the school’s atrium, the students were elated to interact with U.S. Marines Sgt. Davis and Sgt. Ferraro. The students were given the opportunity to ask informative questions of the special guests, inquiring as to why they joined the military in the first place, and their favorite part about serving the country. 

The veterans informed the students that they’ve completed tours overseas in countries such as Afghanistan, Kuwait and Korea, and are currently pursuing their bachelor’s degrees from St. Joseph’s College located in Patchogue. 

Prior to the conclusion of the event, Legislator Lindsay thanked the veterans for their service, along with thanking the students of John Pearl Elementary School for participating in his annual Valentines for Veterans event. 

A Trip to the Circus

A Trip to the Circus photo

Students, teachers, friends and family were recently welcomed to John Pearl Elementary School’s ‘O-Town Circus’ assembly, as the fifth-grade students were able showcase the “circus skills” recently acquired in their physical education classes.

Throughout the course of the week, students learned the skills necessary to work as clowns, jugglers, plate spinners, stilt walkers and the Diabolo stick. The circus program is designed to motivate students to participate more fully in physical education and cultural arts activities. 

The district would like to thank the O-Town Circus coaches, the school’s fifth-grade teachers, Parent-Teacher Association and John Pearl Elementary School Physical Education Teacher Nick Sturtz for their support and cooperation throughout. 

The Great Kindness Challenge

The Great Kindness Challenge photo
As part of “The Great Kindness Challenge,” staff and students from John Pearl Elementary School recently collected a number of items for the Ronald McDonald House in an effort to assist those families in need. Due to their benevolent contributions, the school was to fill a number of boxes to the brim with items such as bathroom essentials, kitchen utensils and general household items.