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Taking the Next Step

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Held in the school’s colorfully decorated gymnasium, family, friends and invited guests recently attended John Pearl Elementary School’s moving up day celebration, as the students begin to look forward to their middle school careers at Oakdale-Bohemia Middle School.

Students were introduced and presented with certificates representing the successful completion of their elementary school requirements, along with a number of special awards as well. Each student also continued a unique tradition where they addressed the audience and talked about their future plans, along with their confidence in achieving those goals. 

John Pearl Elementary School Principal Susan White took to the microphone to congratulate the students and their proud family members, while celebrating their hard work and accomplishments along the way.

On this special day, the pride of the assembled members of the students’ families and friends was evident in the recognition of what the young students had accomplished thus far. Members of the school’s PTA, teaching staff, and the attending family and friends joined Ms. White in congratulating the students, and wished them all a happy and safe summer vacation. 

‘Hatching’ Fun

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Students enrolled in Sarah Mannino’s first grade class at John Pearl Elementary School recently watched the development of baby chicks, right from the comfort of the classroom setting. In the middle of May, one dozen eggs were delivered to the classroom. The eggs were then carefully placed into an incubator, as students learned about the 21-day incubation period, along with the parts of the embryo and egg shell as well. In an exciting turn of events, six baby chicks hatched on the 21st day, as the students were amazed to watch the chicks grow and play. 

Lunar Exploration

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In celebration of their theme of “Imagine It! Dream It! Achieve It,” students at the John Pearl Elementary School celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing during an assembly held in the school’s gymnasium. 

Throughout the school year, students researched the bravery and accomplishments of the spaceflight that produced the landing of the first two people on the moon. While learning about the many astronauts, including Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins, students shared information about NASA, the advantages and disadvantages of colonization of the moon, living in space, along with setting and reaching goals in life. Each grade level was given the opportunity to write and perform songs about their research at the assembly.

John Pearl Elementary School Principal Susan White was very proud of her students and staff members, as she visited each of the displays available in the school gymnasium to congratulate them on a job well-done.  

Healthy Hearts

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As a means of promoting heart-healthy activity and collecting funds to benefit the American Heart Association, staff and students from John Pearl Elementary School recently took part in a two-day “Kids Heart Challenge” jump rope event. With assistance from physical education teacher Nicholas Sturtz, the school’s gymnasium was transformed into a marvelous area designated for students to engage in jumping rope as they received support from their parents on the sidelines, along with motivation from an upbeat music soundtrack. The district is thrilled to announce $10,002 was raised during the course of the two-day event due to overwhelming community support. 

Doctors for the Day

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Kindergarten and first-grade classes from John Pearl Elementary School recently welcomed Stony Brook Children’s Hospital Trauma Center registered nurse Kristi Ladowski to the school for a fun and informative “Teddy Bear Clinic” event.

The students were asked to bring a stuffed animal to school to serve as their “patient” as they worked with Ms. Ladowski during the clinic, carefully listening as she described important safety lessons to be used at home, at play or in school. The attentive students also listened as Ms. Ladowski described the importance of seat belt safety and using helmets to protect themselves while riding bicycles and skateboards.

The students also enjoyed watching an experiment that had two eggs dropped at the same time, in which each egg was into a plastic bag, but only one egg was protected inside a special “helmet.” As predicted, the unprotected egg did not fare well in the drop, while the protected egg was still in one piece.

At the conclusion of the safety demonstrations, the students sat at their desks and played “doctor” using band-aids, gauze, and tongue depressors on their stuffed animals’ “injuries.”