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Making Birthday Wishes Come True

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Students enrolled in Kim Patterson’s and Joanna Zalewski’s fifth grade classes at Bosti Elementary School recently created birthday cards in hopes of putting a smile on the face of autistic savant, Beth Catlin.

Ms. Catlin possesses an incredible mind, and is able to recall the names, addresses and birth dates of the thousands of people she has met throughout the years. In doing such, she creates a handmade piece of paper with the words “Happy Birthday” written on it to be sent to all the friends she has made. 

The fifth graders decided that Ms. Catlin was an individual who deserved recognition, and used their creative talents to design cards to be sent out to her in time for her 60th birthday on Sept. 22. 

C-Quest Showcase

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In celebration of all of the wonderful initiatives they took part in this school year, students enrolled in the district’s C-Quest program recently invited their family members to Bosti Elementary School for the school’s annual C-Quest Showcase event.

With assistance from advisers Lisa Manzo and Kevin Keane, the students were joined by their proud family members as they displayed all of the hard work they put into their projects while attending C-Quest. 

The students’ work was on full display for their guests, showcasing their in-depth research topics which highlighted the anatomy and lifestyle of the frog, and the history of motor vehicles and what they can be expected to look like in the near future.  

Lining both the classroom walls and surrounding hallway area were student-projects from the school year, including their fun and creative biographies, along with an art project in which they beautifully created paintings of panda bears. 

The district’s C-Quest program is dedicated to enhancing the educational experience of fourth and fifth grade students. Based at Edward J. Bosti Elementary School, C-Quest services the needs of more than 100 students throughout the district.

Excellence in Physical Education

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The district is thrilled to announce that Edward J. Bosti Elementary School physical education teachers Michael Oldis and Tara West have been named as the Suffolk Zone Elementary Physical Education Teachers of the Year by the New York State Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance. 

The two educators were selected to receive this prestigious award courtesy of nominations put forward by Edward J. Bosti Elementary School Principal Laura Kimball, Director of Health, Physical Education, Athletics and Recreation Mark Dellecave and multiple students’ parents who spoke of their shining personalities and ability to incorporate fun and physically engaging activates into their physical education classes. 

Due to this recognition, they have each been rewarded with plaques signifying their accomplishment, and were invited to attend the NYS AHPERD’s 82nd annual conference, from Nov. 20-23, at the Turning Stone Convention Center. 

Additionally, it was noted that Mr. Oldis’ mother received this recognition as well when she was a physical education teacher in the district. 
“These two individuals make for an amazing team,” said Mrs. Kimball. “They work really well together, and they are a true asset to not only the Bosti community, but Connetquot as a whole.”  

Breaking Barriers with Superb Writing Skills

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The district is thrilled to announce that Bosti Elementary School fifth grade student Michael Ibraham was recently announced a finalist in the Major League Baseball’s “Breaking Barriers: In Sports, In Life” National Essay Contest. 

For his essay, Michael wrote about how he overcame his obstacle of inactivity, as he has since learned of the importance of daily exercise and remaining active. He has made it his goal to reach 10,000 steps on a daily basis in order to maintain optimal physical health. 

Although he wasn’t named a top 10 winner, Michael was selected as a finalist from among 8,000 submissions nationwide, a large accomplishment in itself. For his efforts, Michael was rewarded with a certificate of commendation, along with an official MLB bookmark and pin. 

Supporting Autism Awareness

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As a culminating activity for National Autism Awareness Month, Edward J. Bosti Elementary School recently hosted their inaugural “Bubbles for Autism” event, as hundreds of students and staff members from the school community gathered in the back of the school to support autism awareness.

 “As a sign of community and respect for students, family members and friends living with autism, members of our community gathered on the field in the outline of a large heart and blew soap bubbles,” said Bosti Elementary School Principal Laura Kimball. 

Mrs. Kimball expressed her gratitude toward Nichole Johnson for coordinating the event, Joanna Zalewski and the “Recycling Rangers” for donating the bubbles, along with Michael Oldis, Jusin Maas and Mike Johnson for their invaluable help throughout the course of the day.

April is recognized as National Autism Awareness month, as schools and students across the country go above and beyond to promote autism awareness. 

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