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Oakdale-Bohemia Middle School

Art Department


On “Mindful Monday,” with Mrs. Mabanta, 8th grade students learned about Mandalas and created their own.


"Mindful Monday" in Mrs. Mabanta's art class. Students explored the movie Wonder and discussed ways to show kindness and how to be a better person. They expressed their acts of kindness in a artistic collaborative quilt.

6th grade students Zohayr Adnan, Leah Strauss, and Isabella Pusater, with the assistance of art teacher Mrs. Mabanta, created this beautiful mural. It is based on the artist Romero Britto. Stop by the school library to view this masterpiece. 



Mondays are "Mindful Monday" in Mrs. Mabanta's art class. Featured here are students learning how to "Take 5" from Corey Muscara.


Life Skills students painting their interpretation of Vincent Van Gogh's "Starry Night"



The Life Skills students removing their sense of "sight" while doing their art project. Students worked blindfolded to experience how a fellow classmate, without vision, experiences art class.


lifeskills photo 1
lifeskills photo 2


Completed Kandinsky Tree, by Mrs. Mabanta's art students, is now on display across from the cafeteria.

tree image


Congratulations to the students that had art work displayed at Showcase of the Arts. A wonderful job was done by all. 






Young artists, paint after school, to create brilliant masterpieces!
Young Artists 1
Young Artists 2
This month's "Manners Matter" theme is "Nothing But Nice." Students in Mrs. Mabanta's art class used February 1sts "Words of Wisdom" as inspiration for this activity. They listed ways that they can spread Kindness. Here are just a few of the students who participated. What can you do to spread kindness?
Young Artists 3
Young Artists 4

By Artist: Caleigh Gobetz   By Artist Alexandra Melchiona
Sixth grade students have been working very hard over the last few months creating high quality art. Take a look at Caleigh Gobetz’s oil pastel pepper art. Caleigh drew her peppers starting with a grid process.  This allowed her drawing to be more accurate. Color theory was discussed so students could create the illusion of their peppers being three dimensional. Look at how the stripes, on Alexandra’s blanket are curving and you can see the folds in the blanket.


mural1   mural2


8th Grade Art Students working on tree mural. Tree mural is based on the book "The Dot" by Peter H. Reynolds and created from the influence of artist Kandinsky.