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fitnessJohn Pearl Elementary School

Physical Education

Mr. Sturtz - Monday - Friday
Mr. Colin Alvanitakis - Wednesday and Friday
Mr. Anthony Ambrosini - Monday
Ms. Jackie Mancini - Tuesday, Thursday and Friday
Ms. Danielle Valenza - Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday

When do I have P.E. class?

Grades Kindergarten and 1st:
Mrs. Edson – Thursday and Friday
Mrs. Trinkwald – Tuesday and Friday
Ms. Mannino – Wednesday and Thursday
Mrs. Okula – Monday and Friday

Grades 2nd & 3rd:
Mrs. Bergen – Tuesday and Thursday
Mrs. Feinberg – Monday and Wednesday
Mrs. Andersen – Tuesday and Wednesday
Ms. Boccio – Monday and Friday

Grades 4th & 5th:
Mr. Kreuscher – (A) M, W, F   (B) M, T, W
Ms. Merdinger – (A) T, W, Th   (B) T, W, Th
Ms. Cardone – (A) M, T, Th   (B) M, Th, F
Mrs. Damore –(A) M, T, F   (B) M, T, F



Physical Education is an essential part of the total education process and contributes to the overall growth and development of the individual child.  Therefore, it must be based upon the physical, mental, and social-emotional needs of the student.  Every child needs to be afforded the opportunity to grow in the areas of knowledge and understanding, motor skills, attitudes, and personal fitness that will enable each youngster to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

The John Pearl physical education program emphasizes individual growth in basic movement, perceptual motor experiences, rhythmic activities and dance, personal fitness, basic skills of individual, dual and team sports as well as outdoor recreational and challenge activities.  Our job as teachers, is to expose our students to as many different activities as possible to allow for personal growth.  The main focus is on “I CAN” rather than “I CAN’T.”  Children will learn to participate  in a positive  and productive manner in which doing one’s best and improving ones performance are more indicative of success than winning a game!