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Celebrating Holiday Traditions

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Shortly before the Thanksgiving holiday, Connetquot students and staff gathered with classmates and teachers to celebrate and give gratitude. 

Connetquot High School’s Best Buddies and Helping Hands clubs enjoyed an evening playing board games, followed by a tasty Thanksgiving dinner. Club advisers Michael Hansen and Carolyn Paul joined with club members and their buddies to enjoy an evening of friendship and a Thanksgiving feast. The same night, in another section of Connetquot High School, Louise Burger and her alternate high school students and staff members gathered for their annual Thanksgiving meal. The students mingled with their teachers and classmates while enjoying their Thanksgiving dinner.

Sycamore Avenue Elementary School kindergartners, teachers and staff members also celebrated the Thanksgiving holiday with a savory feast. Prior to the feast, the students learned about the first Thanksgiving as well as about gratitude and collaboration. They even worked together to create a delicious cranberry relish to bring home to their family table this Thanksgiving and colorful and creative Pilgrim and Native American costumes, which they wore to their school feast. 

Edith L. Slocum Elementary School kindergartners entertained members of their families with the annual Thanksgiving play. Dressed in colorful costumes made by their teachers, the students recreated the first Thanksgiving and the wonderful cooperation between native Americans and the immigrant Pilgrims. Following the performance, students enjoyed Thanksgiving treats before heading home for the family Thanksgiving weekend!