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Basketball Magic

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Earlier this month, an All-Star Team consisting of district staff members, administrators and talented student-athletes joined forces to play basketball against the world-famous Harlem Wizards. Coached by Sycamore Avenue Elementary School Principal Stuart Pollak, Assistant Principal Brian Wrinkle and Connetquot High School Principal Kenneth J. Costa, the T-Birds dribbled, shot and highly enjoyed themselves as they challenged the traveling group of professional athletes/comedians.

A loud and supportive crowd consisting of more than 800 attendees filled the Connetquot High School gym for this special event. Sponsored by the Sycamore Avenue Elementary School Parent-Teacher Association, the proceeds of this fun night will go to provide students with funding needed for additional equipment and programs. 

The Harlem Wizards are celebrating their 57th year of entertaining, and from the reaction of this Connetquot crowd, it’s easy to see why fans look forward to watching these talented athletes in action.

The Wizards were led by talented athletes with appropriate nicknames such as “Big J,” “The Rocketman,” “The Artist” and “LaFiesta.” Individually, these showmen excelled as student-athletes both at the collegiate level and internationally. Together, as Harlem Wizards, they combine their feats of athleticism with comedy routines that keep the students laughing, as the players go into the crowd to bring students and families alike onto the court to join in the fun.

Mr. Pollak extended his thanks to the supportive members of the faculty that took part in the game, along with all of the wonderful fans for their support, and gave a special thanks to the dedicated members of the school’s PTA and President Amy Dowdell.