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Stepping into Native American Territory

Stepping into Native American Territory photo thumbnail103160

Fourth-grade students from Sycamore Avenue Elementary School were given the opportunity to explore the deep roots of Native American culture with assistance from representatives of the “Journeys into American Indian Territory” program.

During the museum portion of the day, Journeys into American Indian Territory Director Bob Vetter spoke about the tribes’ daily lives and gave students the opportunity to interact with genuine Iroquois and Algonquian artifacts. Mr. Vetter also spoke to the students about daily routines amongst the tribes, such as hunting and gathering and building Wigwams.

The students also joined presenter Patricia Shih outside for a fun and engaging activity which granted them the opportunity to throw mock spears at varying distances. This activity was intended to mimic the hunts that the Iroquois men engaged in on a daily basis, as the hunting spear was their primary weapon to capture game for their tribes.