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10 Sources for Free Lesson Plans

Curriculum-sharing websites can be a fantastic way to collect materials and best practices beyond the four walls of your classroom. When Vanessa Vega wrote her popular post "A Primer on Curriculum-Sharing Sites" a few years ago, the landscape was a little less crowded -- and a little less complex. The Common Core has added a new layer to the planning process for many teachers, and with countless sites that house giant collections of dubious quality, looking for teaching materials online is a bit of a needle-in-a-haystack proposition. So how do you cut through the noise to find the best?

Websites that foster community around the resources are a great place to start. Teachers can contribute their own work, collaborate across the Web to make them better, rate others' contributions after using them, and watch the best bubble to the top. Though not all of the organizations and networks highlighted in this video playlist are built around a community, all of them offer no-cost or low-cost lessons plans and materials for the classroom, and most offer tools to sort by subject and grade level, and to match to standards. Happy hunting!

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Resources to Support Central Texts

Should you be looking for any of the Central Text articles listed within the modules that you may not be able to find on, try this website.  It has all of the direct links to the articles and resources contained within the ELA curriculum materials as found on the EngageNY website and organized by grade/module as well.


Common Core Curriculum Development Websites

In this Journal of Staff Development article, Vicki Phillips and Lynn Olson of the Gates Foundation recommend free websites that can serve as resources for teachers and administrators designing curriculum units and lessons aligned to the Common Core:

“Teachers Connect with Technology: Online Tools Build New Pathways to Collaboration” by Vicki Phillips and Lynn Olson in Journal of Staff Development, August 2013 (Vol. 34, #4, p. 34-37),