Students Pledge to Live A Drug-Free Lifestyle

Students Pledge to Live A Drug-Free Lifestyle photo thumbnail138864

The Connetquot Central School District recently took part in “United We Stand for a Drug-Free Community Week” as an opportunity to teach students the importance of living a happy, healthy and drug-free lifestyle. 

Students from Edith L. Slocum Elementary School recently welcomed Suffolk County Police Department Officer Wendy Verlotte who spoke of the many dangers of tobacco usage, along with best practices to enforce in an effort to say “No” to smoking cigarettes. 

With assistance from Youth and Family Services Coordinator Joann Pisani, students from Helen B. Duffield Elementary School are granted the opportunity to practice yoga poses and mindful techniques in the school’s popular “Mindfulness Room.”

Students from Idle Hour Elementary School stood in front of their “Bee Safe, Bee Kind, Bee Healthy, Bee Drug-Free” display, which features every class from the school pledging to make healthy choices. 

On Oct. 24, students from Sycamore Avenue Elementary School were treated to an anti-drug & antibullying presentation courtesy of the fifth-grade students. With assistance from Youth and Family Services Coordinator Laura Michelsen, the students put on a program of skits and songs designed to emphasize self-esteem and making positive choices.  

In recognition of United We Stand for A Drug-Free Community Week, staff and students from Cherokee Elementary School signed a “One School, One Goal, Bully & Drug-Free” Banner which now resides in the school’s hallway for all to see.

Students from Ronkonkoma Middle School were encouraged to use their social media platforms to send encouraging and thoughtful messages to their friends and classmates. 

In an effort to continue to make their building a healthy learning environment, students from John Pearl Elementary School pledged to make their school bully and drug-free by signing a large banner. 

Following their theme of “Staying Clean,” staff and students from Edward J. Bosti Elementary School took part in a wash kit collection where students and staff donated nearly 3,000 toiletry items such as shampoo, soaps, wash cloths and toothbrushes. In turn, these completed wash kits were donated to the Department of Social Services, which are then distributed to local homeless shelters. 

Students enrolled in social studies classes at Oakdale-Bohemia Middle School were recently given valuable information pertaining to the many dangers of using electronic nicotine delivery systems with assistance from Suffolk County Office of Health Education Representative Bonnie Anderson. During her presentation, Mrs. Anderson spoke to the students about why vaping is such a harmful habit and should be avoided entirely.