Halloween Celebrations

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Elementary schools throughout the district celebrated Halloween in a number of fun and creative ways. 

At Bosti Elementary School, students were invited by the school’s PTA to select their own personal pumpkins for decorating within the school’s atrium. Despite the planned Halloween parade being canceled due to the inclement weather, the students, teachers and support staff came to school dressed in their colorful costumes for all to see on the holiday. 

Students and teachers at Slocum Elementary School could select their own personal pumpkins, provided by the school’s PTA, and decorated them both in the classroom setting and at home. The students were joined by music teacher Stacy Stollberger and the Ronkonkoma Middle School band as they performed during the indoor Halloween parade. Students, teachers and support staff marched through the school in their vibrant costumes as the RMS band performed several holiday and movie-themed tunes.