Excellence in Mathematics

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Students in James Longo’s fifth grade class at Duffield Elementary School achieved a highly impressive feat by placing first out of 728 competing classrooms across the U.S. in the national Sumdog mathematics contest.

“There were 15,485 individual students who participated in this year’s contest, and   Duffield placed seven students among the top 50 for individual honors,” said Longo. 

The program calls for students to participate in contest-centered games, competing against students of similar ability from around the world. The more games the students play, the more the games adapt to meet their learning needs. If students provide correct answers quickly, Sumdog automatically offers more difficult questions while limiting the time allotted for answers. To further the challenge, a student who answers questions incorrectly on a given topic receives more of those types of questions in the ensuing rounds.

Longo was very pleased with the dedication of his students and encourages them to keep up the good work in their future efforts.