Strengthening Foreign Language Skills

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In an effort to expand their love for world languages, students throughout all elementary-level buildings in the district recently wrapped up their participation in a highly educational after-school language program. 

With assistance from Connetquot High School foreign languages teacher Yasaman Soroush, students at John Pearl Elementary School strengthened their knowledge of the French language by taking part in a series of helpful activities. Students learned how to properly pronounce the letters in the French alphabet, as a few even volunteered to lead the class and have them repeat the letters out loud. They also learned important phrases and greetings such as “How Are You?”, “Please” and “Thank You,” and went around the room asking their classmates “What Is Your Name?” in the foreign language. 

The district would like to thank foreign language instructors Katie Goldacker, Ashley LeFevre, Yasaman Soroush and Lauren Farrell for bringing world languages into the after-school setting for the students to enjoy.

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