Scientific Safety

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Students enrolled in Nadya Kauter’s kindergarten class at Sycamore Avenue Elementary School were treated to a special presentation on safety when Gina Hale recently visited.

Mrs. Hale, whose nephew Lucas Shyman is in the class, is a safety officer in Boston, Massachusetts, and spoke with the students about personal safety, including tips for staying safe at home, while playing outside and traveling in the family car. She then questioned them about fire safety tactics, stressed the importance of riding bikes with helmets and reminded them to stay away from chemicals and abrasive materials.

Mrs. Hale explained to the students that her job involves keeping citizens in her city safe and she often is called upon to help clean up dangerous chemical spills, flooded areas and, occasionally, to examine suspicious packages. She explained her work in great detail to the attentive students, along with the protective clothing that her job requires. 

As part of the presentation, students were given work overalls resembling HazMat suits, along with sets of protective eyewear. They were ecstatic to learn that they could bring those suits and glasses back home to show their families at the conclusion of Mrs. Hale’s engaging presentation.