Social Studies Honor Society Induction Ceremony

Social Studies Honor Society Induction Ceremony photo

Earlier this April, 110 Connetquot High School students were inducted into the Connetquot High School chapter of Rho Kappa, the National Social Studies Honor Society, by adviser Gregory Nizewitz.

Mr. Nizewitz introduced the officers of this prestigious group along with Margaret Ronai, the Connetquot Central School District director of social studies and business. Mrs. Ronai welcomed the newly inducted members, as well as the proud family members and friends who attended the ceremony. Islip Town Supervisor Angie Carpenter, Connetquot High School Principal Kenneth J. Costa and Board of Education President Milynn Augulis were also on hand to congratulate the honorees and their proud family members.

The three co-presidents of the Connetquot chapter of the Rho Kappa Honor Society – Victoria Cipriani, Michael DiMaio and Crystal Monge – introduced the new members. Additionally, treasurer and founding member Lauren Kennedy led the students in reciting the pledge. The new inductees joined together in reciting, “I do promise to serve others, to search for truth, to utilize knowledge, and to seek wisdom through the pursuit of academic excellence in the social studies. I promise service to Connetquot High School and to the community, for true scholars of the social studies lead by example.”

Congratulations to the newly inducted members of the Connetquot High School Chapter of Rho Kappa National Social Studies Honor Society:
Class of 2019 – Fariah, Basharat, Christopher Battista, Nicolle Brodowski, Emma Bunicci, Anesha Chowdhury, Sarah Delillis, Christopher Guevarra, Alex Halinar, Ciana Kaplan, Kendall Lillie, Matthew Lopez, Courtney Lyons, Andrea Martino, Hannah Mayer, Christina Monahan, Abby Navarez, Melissa Olcay, Christina Otero, Sara Perez, Sarah Rahim, Serena Roopnarine, Noel Root, Paige Sapienza, Alexis Smith, Sara Vincente; Class of 2020 – Paige Adamo, Sayida Afghani, Jenna Anderson, Abigail Audia, Emily Augulis, Daniel Bach, Deanna Beattie, Kelby Bishop, Alyssa Brady, Joseph Brimlow, Hannah Causin, Dmitri Cavanagh, Diproprosad Das, Colleen DiMarzo, Alaina Drennan, Hellena Elster, Sarah Fonsecca, Toni_Elena Gallo, Kayley Gross, Alexa Hartmann, Audrey Joseph, Dominick Katrivanos, Niko Keddy, Atif Khan, Meagan Lenihan, Denise Llivicura, Amanda Manuel, Kylie McGee, Karly McGee, Alexa Molinelli, Genevieve Moulton, Reilly Murphy, Victoria Opiela, Amanda Perrone, Kimberley Pettersen, Maddie Pittigher, Anna Polcini, Katie Postel, Kate Priolo, Kelly Romadi, Giovanni Santiago, Grace Saravia, Nicole Serravillok Ashley Sullivan, Nicole Thumann, Mackenzie Waile, Alex Young; Class of 2021 – Francis Aiello, Lisa Baldinucci, Kainaat Sacharat, Emma Brenner, Emma Cochran, Nicolette DiSilvestre, Joseph Duszak, Carmella Eade, Morgan Elliott, Adrianna Empaynada, Kate Engeldrum, Kylie Ferrentino, Mikayla Gibbons, Scott Gifford, Kayla Hansen, Michael Hanson, Daniel Haughie, Olivia Herrera, Keeghan Lavery, Julianno Leddy, Emily Medina, Emily Mysliwiec, Jacqueline Palumbo, Jenna Pellicano, Julianna Pereira, Hayley Rodriguez, Adriana Romano, Gabrielle Rowe, Tugce Sezer, Anna Stahurski, Isabella Truglio, Isabella VanKalmthout, Melanie Walsh, Kevin Wilk, Amanda Young, Elaina Zacynski.

The induction ceremony was held in the Eric Martinsen Performing Arts Center, followed by a reception where the students were presented with their certificates and offered light refreshments for them and their proud family members and friends. 

The mission and purpose of the Rho Kappa National High School Social Studies Honor Society is to promote scholarship and to recognize academic excellence in social studies among high school students; to provide through its local chapter, opportunities for exploration in the social studies in secondary school environments, and the community; and to encourage interest in, understanding of, and appreciation for the social studies.