Maplewood Intermediate School has adopted Francis X. Hegarty Elementary School in Island Park

The photos coming out of many of Long Island's South Shore communities tell of the devastation brought by Hurricane Sandy. And while most of us here on the North shore are getting back to normalcy, there are communities, like Island Park, that still have a long way to go.

“This particular school has been completely decimated,” said Maplewood Principal Mr. Vito D’Elia. “The students, faculty, and staff have been relocated to their district’s middle school. Relocation of these classrooms has become a stressful and arduous task for the teachers and students,” writes Principal D’Elia in a letter sent home with students recently.

The Maplewood Student-Based Management Team (SBM) has decided to adopt Francis X. Hegarty Elementary School and collect supplies to be delivered to the students and faculty. “We are honored to serve in this way,” said Principal D’Elia. “We know that the generosity and kindness of the Maplewood community will help in alleviating some of the difficulties that the Hegarty school community faces.”

The Principal of Francis X. Hegarty Elementary has identified a need for the following supplies:

·       Marble composition notebooks

·       Masking tape

·       Index cards

·       Dry erase boards

·       Small white boards

·       Crayons

·       Big books (picture books)


These are the requested supplies, but we know that there are other supplies that may be needed. We will be collecting the supplies at the main office at Maplewood. Any donations are greatly appreciated!

For additional information Principal D'Elia's letter is attached.