‘Escaping’ from Australia


Third-grade classes at Cherokee Street and Edward J. Bosti elementary schools recently worked collaboratively to complete a series of Breakout EDU activities, which aligned with their current unit focused on cultural and geographical aspects of Australia.

During the activity, the students worked through a sequential order of clues in an effort to “escape” from their computer science classrooms. The puzzles featured popular elements of the continent such as wildlife, geographical location and traditional cultural aspects. 

At the conclusion of the breakout portion of the activity, the students then formed a circle and discussed how they went about their methods, and what they could have done in order to “escape” in a more efficient manner. 

Breakout EDU, which is based upon the popular “escape the room” interactive games, grants students the opportunity to communicate, collaborate, team build, and develop problem-solving and critical thinking skills.

All third-grade participants were able to "crack the codes" in less than the forty-minute time frame provided.