Finding the Facts

Students enrolled in Christine Walther’s newsroom class at Oakdale-Bohemia Middle School were recently afforded the opportunity to increase their research-based broadcasting skills by recording footage in front of a green screen based on prior investigative research. 

With assistance from the school’s library media specialist, Mairead McInnes, along with the school’s virtual reference collection, students first spent time acting as investigative reporters. In doing so, they researched and learned as much as they could about the issues surrounding climate change, including the polar ice caps melting, wildfires and draught.

Once they gathered their information, they then devised their news reports, which were recorded in front of a green screen with assistance from BOCES technology integration specialist Gustavo Loor. Students learned how to edit the video footage, then composed a finished news clip with the ultimate goal in mind of being viewed by a television audience comprised of their classmates.