Exploring Outer Space

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In coordination with the year’s theme of the 50th anniversary of landing on the moon, students of all grade levels at John Pearl Elementary School were recently paid a visit from Cradle of Aviation educator Tim Sarro for an informative presentation on space exploration.

Throughout the course of the assembly, Mr. Sarro spoke to the attentive students about the many aspects of outer space, including how rockets operate, the daily routines of astronauts and scientific facts about the sun and the solar systems’ planets. According to Mr. Sarro, water, food, oxygen, fuel/power and shelter are absolutely essential to an astronaut in order to complete their mission while in space, bearing striking similarities to our survival needs here on Earth. 

Additionally, two student volunteers were asked to mimic the spacesuits that astronauts wear as they geared up with two layers of thick gloves and attempted to tie their shoelaces, both to success.