Appreciating Literacy

Appreciating Literacy photo
Sixth-grade students from Ronkonkoma Middle School recently crafted letters to authors explaining how their work inspired them and what they learned about life as a result of reading the authors’ books in coordination with the 2018-19 Letters about Literature National Writing Contest. 

The students’ letter writing was supported by lessons about audience, reading and theme. Due to their heartfelt and thankful letters, author Maribeth Boelts, the author of “Those Shoes,” emailed Mr. Black and wrote individual, personal responses to students. Additionally, Marla Frazee, the author of “Roller Coaster,” sent handwritten letters to the students as well, thanking them for taking the time to appreciate her work. 

The students were incredibly excited to receive these letters, and look forward to continuing to write throughout the remainder of the school year.