Dear Connetquot Families, 



As you may be aware, in recent days there has been growing national media coverage and increased local awareness of a viral issue known as the "Momo Challenge." This challenge is reported to be targeting youth through platforms such as YouTube and WhatsApp, asking participants to engage in serious and dangerous activities that vary in nature and may include inflicting bodily harm. 


While some reports now question the validity of this challenge, the content of this viral “game” is nevertheless alarming. Its very existence can cause unnecessary stress for impressionable young people. As such, the district feels it is important that all families are aware of the matter. 


While our district takes precautions to safeguard students against such material and educate them on the proper use of technology, we encourage families to speak with their children about this matter as well. Children should be reminded to not interact with or respond to strangers online. Help to ensure that children do not share personal information online or with anyone they do not know.  Your child/ren should also feel comfortable speaking with you regarding any concerning content they encounter and understand that they are in charge of their own actions. Furthermore, parents are encouraged to set boundaries for technology use and be aware of the privacy settings available for all devices and platforms that their children can access. You can do this by keeping video games and YouTube watching in shared family spaces and setting up "restricted" mode on YouTube for your child's account so inappropriate content is not available to them, or stream YouTube content through a family-friendly site such as  


Please visit other internet safety resources such as





Our district takes the matter of student safety very seriously and is sharing this message out of an abundance of caution. Should you have any questions or concerns about this topic, please don't hesitate to reach out to your school administrators and our mental health professionals. 




Dr. Lynda G. Adams 

Superintendent of Schools