A Centennial Celebration


Staff and students from Bosti Elementary School recently celebrated the 100th day of the school year by taking part in a variety of creative activities in relation to the number 100.

To begin the day’s festivities, kindergarten students from both Colleen Malone’s and Jordon Volper’s classes took part in a colorful parade throughout the halls of the school, as the upperclassmen lined the parade route to watch the young students walk by wearing their 100th day-themed shirts, dresses and hats.

After parading around the school, students went back to their classrooms and worked on a number of fun activities surrounding the number 100. Besides being a fun day for all, educators credit the 100th day theme with improving math skills and sharpening students’ observation skills. The students are also aware that there are about 80 days left of classroom instruction, and are looking forward to summer vacation as it begins to approach.