A Love of Foreign Languages

Connetquot High School alumnus Vinny Acerenza was recently welcomed back to his alma mater to share his love of languages, and the benefits of speaking multiple languages with a number of the school’s foreign languages classes.

Vinny shared a photo presentation with the students of Will Bedell's, Eileen McGinnis' and Ashley Lefevre's classes, illustrating the value of being able to speak multiple languages, along with the professional opportunities made available to those who can speak a language other than English.

Additionally, he discussed the opportunities his foreign language skills have provided him, including the chance to start his own tourism business in Europe. At the conclusion of his presentation, the attending students were eager to ask questions about his current life, including how he met his Austrian girlfriend. 

When returning home to visit family and friends, Vinny works with his friends at a local Starbucks, and has even been invited to work at a newly opened Starbucks coffeehouse in Italy when he returns to Europe. He is currently furthering his educational journey by being enrolled in foreign languages courses at St. John's University.