A “Visit” to Australia

Australia photo

Third-graders from Idle Hour Elementary School recently “took a trip” to Australia without having to leave the comfort of their classrooms.

With assistance from presenter and native Australian Chris Pitkin, the students were offered a glimpse into multiple aspects of Australia, including culture, geography, wildlife and art. Mr. Pitkin first showed the students a slideshow featuring various forms of wildlife, and tested their knowledge of a handful of animals native to the continent. The third-graders were excited to learn that creatures such as kangaroos, emus and dingoes are abundant in Australia, and told Mr. Pitkin that they’d be happy to take a trip there in the future to visit them.

Mr. Pitkin then introduced the students to the didgeridoo, a wind instrument created by the Indigenous peoples of Australia more than a thousand years ago. They were highly impressed by the unique sound the instrument made, and encouraged Mr. Pitkin to create more sounds as he fascinated them with the history of the instrument. 

Prior to the conclusion of the event, the students engaged in a fun activity with assistance from art teacher Krystal Zaglool in which they made their own “art” boomerang using the aboriginal technique of dot painting and symbols to tell a story.