RMS Students Row, Row, Row Their Boats

RMS Students Row, Row, Row Their Boats photo

Ronkonkoma Middle School eighth-grade students enrolled in Anthony Carbonaro’s, Alma Campanelli’s, Matthew Montilleone’s and Jaclyn Salerno’s math, science and technology courses tested their creativity and engineering skills during a recent regatta boat race on Jan. 25 held at Connetquot High School.

As part of a lesson on buoyancy, the young engineers spent weeks using scientific calculations to design and construct boats out of cardboard and duct tape in hopes of successfully crossing the high school pool. Although some students chose to commandeer their boats in an individual fashion, they all worked in teams when creating their boats in the classroom setting.

Despite the fact that not every boat was able to stay afloat during the race, the students enjoyed cheering one another to see which boat would make it across. According to Mr. Carbonaro, the top three competitors were able to successfully make their boats across the pool in a highly impressive time of less than 20 seconds.