A Visit from A Furry Friend

A Visit from A Furry Friend photo

Students enrolled in Cindy Campanella’s and Courtney Skahill’s second-grade class at Cherokee Street Elementary School recently had a “doggone” good time in their classrooms when they were visited by Moby, a three-year-old therapy dog, along with his owner Lance Motkin.

After being introduced to Moby and Mr. Motkin, the students engaged in a series of dog-themed activity stations throughout the classroom, including bingo, board games and reading comprehension. Additionally, they were afforded the opportunity to approach Moby and pet him, compliment his temperament and ask Mr. Motkin questions about his training. 

Mr. Motkin is the owner and founder of plauDogs, Inc., which has him and Moby visiting various schools and organizations. According to Mr. Motkin, Moby brings instant smiles to everyone, no matter where his four paws lead him.