Sharing Knowledge with Distinguished Guests

Sharing Knowledge with Distinguished Guests photo

In an effort to preview some of the wonderful computer science and engineering and literacy initiatives taking place throughout the district, members of the Board of Education were recently invited to step into the learning taking place at Sycamore Avenue Elementary School.

While attending, the distinguished guests were joined by district administrators as they sat down with kindergarten and third-grade students to learn about their journeys to become impressive writers and readers. The students are currently taking part in the Writers Workshop of the Units of Study in Writing Program, and the visitors saw firsthand how the students have strengthened their reading and writing skills so far this school year. 

Additionally, with assistance from computer science and engineering specialist Patrick Brennan, students showcased the skills they have amassed this school year while in the Innovation Labs. The district’s recently implemented Innovation Labs serve as multipurpose spaces where students can practice engineering and programming activities at a young age, developing critical thinking, problem-solving and key communication skills.