Financially Smart Students

Financially Smart Students
As a means of getting a jump-start on their financial literacy education, students enrolled in Teresa Hewitt’s kindergarten class at Duffield Elementary School recently distinguished their “wants” versus “needs” during a fun and educational classroom project.
After spending the month of December discussing what classifies a human want versus need in the classroom, the students engaged in a hands-on activity which asked them to apply their knowledge to an art project. Split into two separate columns, the students chose from a pile of clipped-out items and pasted the items in either the “wants” or “needs” column, depending on which was appropriate. 

Examples of items the students found to be “needs” were clothing, shelter, food and water, whereas the “wants” consisted of toys, video games and clothing accessories.
At the conclusion of the activity, a handful of students presented their findings to their classmates, and asked if they placed their items into the proper category.

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