Careers with Computers

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Two students from Connetquot High School recently visited the Oakdale-Bohemia Middle School Computer Club in an effort to offer valuable insight toward the many computer programming and coding courses offered at the high school.

Senior Joseph Vita, along with sophomore Albert Ang, shared with the students a PowerPoint presentation which offered advice toward why computer coding would make not only for an excellent hobby, but a career path as well. The high school students were joined by Connetquot Central School District Director of Mathematics Louise Burger and high school mathematics teacher Robert Bachisin during their visit.

While taking part in the after-school club, the Oakdale-Bohemia Middle School students are granted the opportunity to write code using popular platforms such as Scratch and KidOYO.

“How many of you play the videogame Fortnite?” asked Joseph. “Well, being that it has made over $1 billion so far, you have to understand that without jobs invested in computer programming that game would have never existed.”

Additionally, Albert had his own set of inspirational words for the students, stating that they should always follow their dreams, and never give up.