Fire Safety

Fire Safety photo

In recognition of National Fire Prevention Month, students throughout the district are preparing themselves with the knowledge to be ready to act in a safe and efficient manner in the rare event that a fire breaks out.

Students from the Slocum Elementary School recently took a field trip to meet some of their own local heroes at the Lakeland Fire Department, learning about fire safety and touring the facilities along the way. Led by the helpful firefighters, the students visited the firehouse and equipment, experienced the smoke house simulator and watched an informative video about fire safety. 

Bosti Elementary School students were visited by West Sayville firefighters Charlie, Gary, Melissa and Captain Liz for an informative assembly about the key components of fire safety. The firefighters informed the attentive students that it is imperative to try to remain calm during a fire and stay low to the ground to avoid smoke inhalation. The firefighters also displayed a number of their gear and gadgets to the students, including a flat head axe, halligan bar and thermal imaging camera. 

During both assemblies, students were encouraged to talk to their parents about developing an emergency escape plan and to have smoke detectors on each floor of the house. The students were reminded to call 911 during an emergency and to make that call from a neighboring house in the event of a fire.