Computer-Savvy Students

Due to their passion for computer programming and coding, a number of Connetquot High School students enrolled in the school’s computer programming clubs and courses recently engaged in interesting activities and took part in local programming-orientated competitions. 

Students Jack Russo and Connor Hauser utilized their creative talents to create a device which emulated the sounds of an electric guitar with “littleBits” in Computer Programming Club. According to their website, littleBits are system of electronic building blocks that snap together to turn ideas into inventions.

Additionally, Connor, along with students Taylor Maass and Joseph Vita, recently participated in the TeenHacks LI competition based in Syosset, New York. Both Taylor and Joseph used their coding skills to create a “Crypto Site,” a website which displays a graph of the three major cryptocurrencies and provides news articles related to the types of currency to showcase their current status in the market. Connor participated in a 24-hour group activity, in which the students designed a simple game which utilized virtual reality. In the game, the goal of his team was to move a small block past a line using their hands while locked into the VR. He was rewarded with a prize for his efforts, and plans to participate in additional competitions in the spring.