Firefighters for the Day

Firefighters for the Day photo
Firefighters for the Day photo 2
Without the need to gear up in firefighter suits, students at Sycamore Avenue Elementary School were recently provided with extremely helpful tips and safety measures toward preventing fires.

With assistance from Bohemia Fire Department Chief Brian O’Neill and firefighter Richard Gross, the students gathered in the school’s auditorium where they viewed an informative video “Fire’s Fury.” It portrayed a fictitious scenario of a family whose house was destroyed by a fire due to the common mistake of leaving a lit candle unattended. “Fire’s Fury” also addressed the importance of establishing an escape plan in the rare emergency of a fire in the home, along with the importance of reminding the household adults to change smoke detector batteries frequently. 

At the conclusion of the video, Chief O’Neill engaged the students in a question and answer session, where they asked insightful questions about how to prevent fires and what they can do at home to protect the ones they love.