C-Quest Showcase

C-Quest Showcase photo

In celebration of all of the wonderful initiatives they took part in this school year, students enrolled in the district’s C-Quest program recently invited their family members to Bosti Elementary School for the school’s annual C-Quest Showcase event.

With assistance from advisers Lisa Manzo and Kevin Keane, the students were able to show their proud family members all of the hard work they put into their projects while attending C-Quest. The students’ work was on full display for their guests, touching upon subjects such as exotic animals, argumentative topics such as whether or not college athletes should be paid or not, and whether or not school uniforms should be deemed necessary. 

Additionally, the students were able to engage in a real-time virtual planetarium, as they eagerly showed their family members the planets in the solar system and outlined constellations. 

The district’s C-Quest program is dedicated to enhancing the educational experience of fourth- and fifth-grade students. Based at Bosti Elementary School, C-Quest services the needs of approximately 140 students throughout the district.